Ant Financial-Customer Funds Operation Senior Associate

发布时间: 2017-11-14 工作地点: 工作年限: 三年以上
所属部门: 蚂蚁金服 学   历: 本科 招聘人数: 1


1. Perform daily reconciliation covering transaction executed and Nostro account reconciliation to ensure that committed payments are correctly settled while consistently reflecting on the general ledger.
2. Support funds operations functions include remittance, charge back and customer refund.
3. Work independently with financial institutions, payment companies, corporates and banks to investigate and resolve settlement discrepancies.
4. Liaise with internal teams to support customer inquiries and customer complaints resolution.
5. Work with business partners and Technology to onboard new payment channels.
6. Participate in system enhancement projects to continue improving the degree of operational automation.
7. Continue to improve on control points to reduce operational error while ensuring the process established is in compliance with country regulation.


1. Minimum 3 years of full time experience in operations with exposure to payments, Nostro reconciliations and project management in global banks, payment companies or corporate treasury.
2. Ability to operate independently under pressure and deliver result within committed timelines. .
3. Fast learner, being able to adopt to an ever evolving environment.
4. Problem solving skill and analytical skills, prior project coordination experience preferred.
5. Proficient in verbal and written English with good communication skills.
6. base: Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand.





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