Ant Financial-Risk Management Associate

发布时间: 2018-01-03 工作地点: 工作年限: 一年以上
所属部门: 蚂蚁金服 学   历: 本科 招聘人数: 1


• Independently determine if transactions are fraudulent and should be cancelled and refunded, or are legitimate and should be processed - Complete fraud reviews accurately and in a timely manner
• Monitor and assess performance of risk operations and ensure tasks are cleared on time on budget and with the required high level of quality
• Proactively identify and evaluate risk trend and establish risk control process and strategy and rule for efficient risk prevention and operation
• Responsible for monitoring and investigating fraudulent cases, discover risk problems by means of data analysis, information mining and intelligence research, provide and promote risk solutions for implementation
• Understanding of chargebacks and dispute resolution processes – Ability to execute dispute re-presentment for Visa and MasterCard transactions


In order to succeed in the role, you should ideally possess the following skills:
• University degree or above; 2 years’ good knowledge and relevant experience in Electronic Payment, E-Commerce, Card Scheme, Bank or credit card fraud
• Excellent written and oral communication in English and at least one local language
• Strong learning and logical thinking ability, good at data analysis and product design; relevant experience in SQL/Product/Modelling is preferred
• Problem-solving, positive and constructive attitude is a must
• Strong people skills, ability to suffer great pressure and effectively deal with both executives and the general workforce
• Flexibility in work schedule including overtime, weekends and holidays
Position based in Manila, Philippines.





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