Ant Financial-International Growth-Int'l BG

发布时间: 2018-01-14 工作地点: 上海市 工作年限: 五年以上
所属部门: 蚂蚁金服 学   历: 本科 招聘人数: 3


- Understand user behavior through data analytics, build up systematic growth process through user acquisition-activation-retention-referral framework
- Design experiments to validate hypothesis and results, discover growth drivers & problems
- Assist in building up quantitative decision making system, perform deep topical analytic study, providing recommendations to the management
- Deep understanding of the business, build up the knowledge base on user, use case and channel


- 5 years and more internet related industry experience, experienced in data analytics in internet products
- Have experience in building predictive analytical models and background in statistics
- Intellectually curious, ability and willingness to sit down and work through the data and finding the insights, identify patterns and trends
- User-centric thinking, seeing the users and real-life scenarios behind the data
- Very strong prioritization capabilities, creating hypotheses from data, turning them into potential roadmaps
- Good and concise communication skills, ability to work closely with BI team and local teams to quickly validate the cause & result of different initiatives





职位名称 职位类别 工作地点 招聘人数 更新时间
口碑-商业数据分析专家 商业数据分析 杭州市 2 2018-01-23
菜鸟-物流数据分析专家-数据部 商业数据分析 杭州市 2 2018-01-23
ICBU-国际贸易事业部-数据分析专家(外汇方向) 商业数据分析 深圳市 1 2018-01-23
飞猪-商业分析专家 商业数据分析 杭州市 10 2018-01-23
蚂蚁金服-商业数据分析高级专家 商业数据分析 杭州市 2 2018-01-22